Monday, January 14, 2013



Kingdom Monera OR Prokaryote

Prokaryote, relatively simple unicellular organism, such as a bacterium, characterized by the absence of a nucleus and other specialized cell structures. Scientists distinguish prokaryotes from eukaryotes, which are more complex organisms with cells that contain a nucleus, such as plants and animals.
 Virus, Bacteria, Cynobacteria (Blue Green Algae).

Kingdom Protista
All unicellular eukaryotic organisms included in this kingdom. They have distinct nucleus and perform all living activities with in singular cell. These have little complex cell structure then prokaryotes.
Amobea, Euglena, Paramacium etc

Kingdom Fungi

Fungi, also eukaryotic and long considered members of the plant kingdom, have now been placed in a separate kingdom because they lack chlorophyll and plastids and because their rigid cell walls contain chitin rather than cellulose. Unlike the majority of plants, fungi do not manufacture their own food; instead they are saprophytic, absorbing their food from either dead or living organic matter.
Mashroom, Pancillium etc

Kingdom Plantae

Plant cells have all the components of animal cells and boast several added features, including chloroplasts, a central vacuole, and a cell wall. Chloroplasts convert light energy—typically from the Sun—into the sugar glucose, a form of chemical energy, in a process known as photosynthesis. Chloroplasts, like mitochondria, possess a circular chromosome and prokaryote-like ribosome, which manufacture the proteins that the chloroplasts typically need.
Examples are All plants

Kingdom animalae
Eukaryotic cells are typically about ten times larger than prokaryotic cells. In animal cells, the plasma membrane, rather than a cell wall, forms the cell’s outer boundary. With a design similar to the plasma membrane of prokaryotic cells, it separates the cell from its surroundings and regulates the traffic across the membrane.


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