Friday, November 12, 2010



It is branch of science which deals with the study of living organisms .Through this branch we can study different kind of human as well as plant is intrestng to study about our body that which things & which systems are present.

It has two main branches Botany & Zoology

It is the branch of science which daels with the study of plants.Plants are now defined as multicellular organisms that carry out photosynthesis. Botany is concerned with all aspects of the study of plants, from the smallest and simplest forms to the largest and most complex, from the study of all aspects of an individual plant to the complex interactions of all the different members of a complicated botanical community of plants with their environment and with animals .

It is the branch of biology which concern with the study of animal life. Animal, multicellular organism that obtains energy by eating food. Animals are multicellular organisms, a characteristic they share with plants and many fungi. But they differ from plants and fungi in several important ways. Foremost among these is the way they obtain energy. Plants obtain energy directly from sunlight through the process of photosynthesis, and they use this energy to build up organic matter from simple raw materials.

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